SCRD Chemicals Database

You may search the database by entering 1) a specific product name, 2) a specific chemical name, or 3) a particular CAS# below as shown.

All product ingredients or constituents that appear on the MSDS -- hazardous and non-hazardous -- have been included in the database. The manner in which product constituents are reported on MSDS varies widely. Many manufacturers/vendors simply list all ingredients as being proprietary (trade secrets). Others indicate that there are hazardous constituents in the product, but do not identify the constituents. Some MSDS include statements to the effect that there are no hazardous constituents in the product based on current regulations as they (the vendor/manufacturer) interpret them. Therefore, some of the products included have no data listed for constituents. Some of the chemical manufacturers, however, do offer fairly comprehensive data on constituents in their MSDS. Note that some of the chemicals/products listed in the database are no longer manufactured, marketed or used in drycleaning operations.

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