Conference Call Minutes from February 25, 1999

Dry Cleaners Remediation Project Conference Call, February 25, 1999

Dry Cleaners Remediation Project
Conference Call

February 25, 1999

State Representatives

Tim Steele
Bill Burns and Brent Hartsfield
Leo Henning
Kären Kromar
Bruce Nicholson, Scott Stupak, and Lisa Taber
Dick DeZeeuw
Amy Hafer
Steve Goins
North Carolina
South Carolina

Other conference call participants included Richard Steimle from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Technology Innovation Office (TIO), Carolyn Perroni and Peter Riddle from Environmental Management Support, Inc. (EMS), and Christine Hartnett from Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG).

The April 1999 Meeting
Richard Steimle noted that members of the Dry Cleaners Remediation Project team are scheduled to meet on April 13, 1999, at the Holiday Inn Capital in Washington, D.C. Steimle asked participants to make hotel reservations as soon as possible. Carolyn Perroni recommended making reservations for April 12 and 13, noting that the meeting might extend to the 14th. Christine Hartnett agreed to distribute hotel reservation information by February 26, 1999.

Steimle said that the National Ground-Water Association (NGWA) will pay for all travel expenses, but that he did not know whether expenses will be paid up-front or reimbursed after the meeting. He agreed to find out and to distribute information by March 1, 1999. Steimle said that reimbursement can be offered to two representatives per state. All attendees, Steimle said, should be willing to commit to the team's efforts for 1 to 2 years. Participants said that representatives will likely attend from Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Steimle said that representatives from New York and Missouri may be interested in attending as well. Conference call participants encouraged Steimle to invite any state representative who is involved or planning to become involved with dry cleaner funds. Participants did note, however, that they would prefer not to have private contractors and vendors involved yet.

Steimle said that he would draft a preliminary agenda for the April 1999 meeting and distribute it to team members by March 2, 1999. Conference call participants suggested the following as agenda items or topics of discussion:

EMS agreed to add case studies to the team's Web page. Perroni encouraged conference call participants to send case studies to her. She also agreed to gather case studies from TIO's documents. In addition, Perroni agreed to add information to the Web page about John Fountain's recently published Technologies for DNAPL Source Zone Remediation.

Burns noted that Florida has released a new risk-based corrective action rule for dry cleaner sites. He said old drafts of the rule are currently available on Florida's Web site. Burns agreed to bring hard copies of the final rule to the April 1999 meeting.