Conference Call Minutes from December 13, 2000

SCRD Conference Call: December 13, 2000


State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners

Conference Call

December 13, 2000

Conference Call Participants

·Doug Fitton 
·Brent Hartsfield 
·William Linn 
·Leo Henning
·Bob Jurgens
·Pat Eriksen
·Juho So
·Kären Kromar
·Dale Trippler  


·Tim Eike
·Jim Harrington
·Dave Anderson
·Dick DeZeeuw
·Lisa Appel
·Richard Haynes
·Craig Dukes
·Jim Gilbert
·Steve Goins

New York
South Carolina
South Carolina
South Carolina

Also participating in the State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners (SCRD) conference call were Richard Steimle from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Technology Innovation Office (TIO), Cheryl Joseph from the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), Carolyn Perroni from Environmental Management Support, Inc., and Christine Hartnett from Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG).

Site Profiles

Bob Jurgens said that a form has been developed to collect information about cleanup efforts at drycleaning sites. This form, he said, is available at the SCRD Web site. Information entered into the form will be forwarded to SCRD’s Project Management/Technical Issues Subgroup for review. The Subgroup will determine whether submitted information should be developed into site profiles and posted on the SCRD Web site. Jurgens agreed to inform state representatives who are not currently participating in SCRD of the form’s existence. Carolyn Perroni said that access to the form is not restricted; thus, vendors will be able to fill it out and submit information. Jurgens said that efforts will be made to verify any information from vendors before posting it on the SCRD Web site. Once a number of profiles have been posted, call members agreed, the profiles should be advertised on TechDirect. Call participants agreed to send information about sites in their states within the next three to six months.

Comparison of State Cleanup Numbers

Dick DeZeeuw noted that efforts are underway to gather information about cleanup standards used in different states. He said that the information will be recorded and presented in a matrix. He said that a draft matrix had been distributed to SCRD members, and asked call participants to comment on it. William Linn advised adding more chemicals to the matrix; he agreed to forward a list of suggestions to Leo Henning. Doug Fitton agreed to take responsibility for finalizing the matrix. Once it is in its final form, SCRD members will be asked to fill it out.

Outreach Efforts—Presenting Information to the International Fabricare Institute

Perroni said that some SCRD members had expressed interest in providing a formal presentation at an International Fabricare Institute (IFI) meeting. Perroni contacted an IFI representative to determine whether the Clean Show, which will take place in New Orleans in July 2001, would be a good forum for a formal presentation. Perroni learned that it would not be, but was told that SCRD members are welcome to present an exhibit at the show. To reduce the costs associated with reserving exhibit space, she said, SCRD could share booth space with another EPA-sponsored group that has already paid for space. Call participants agreed that this would be a good idea and that two of the Florida representatives should be sent to set up the exhibit and answer questions. Perroni agreed to send information about the Clean Show to Cheryl Joseph. Joseph will investigate whether NGWA will be able to pay for the travel expenses incurred by the Florida representatives. If IFI expresses much interest in SCRD during the show, Perroni will identify other forums where SCRD can reach out to IFI. She said that it might be possible to deliver a more formal presentation at an IFI board meeting.

New Drycleaning Solvents

Henning said that he recently received a book that provides information on new drycleaning solvents. He agreed to send the book’s name to SCRD team members. Steve Goins said that some drycleaners in Tennessee have started using GreenEarthÔ. Henning said that this solvent is also being used in Kansas; those who are using it have been told that they must still pay surcharges into the state’s drycleaner cleanup fund. DeZeeuw said that a conference call had been scheduled for December 14, 2000, to discuss new drycleaning solvents. Several of the call participants said that they planned to take part in the December 14 call; Goins agreed to take notes during the call and to summarize the proceedings during the next SCRD conference call.

SCRD’s Spring 2001 Meeting

Call participants will hold their spring 2001 meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, during the week of April 16, 2001. The meeting will have two components:

Call participants advised allocating 1 to 1½ days for the training and 2 to 2½ days for the SCRD meeting. It was agreed that the training session should come before the SCRD meeting. Henning suggested starting the training session at 1:30 p.m. on April 16, but Perroni advised starting it early on April 17 instead. Call participants did not resolve this issue during the call. Before a final decision can be made about scheduling, Joseph must talk to the course instructors to confirm their availability and Henning and Perroni must determine how much time will be required for the SCRD meeting.

TIO’s Efforts To Gather Information About Remedial Efforts At Small Sites

Richard Steimle said that TIO is interested in gathering information about cleanup efforts at small sites. Of particular interest, he said, are efforts that involve innovative remedial technologies. He said that TIO is prepared to spend money to collect this type of information. The money would probably be allocated to a technical contractor who would then work with state representatives to gather the necessary information. Call participants expressed interest in becoming involved with the effort. Steimle said that TIO has set up a conference call with representatives from Kansas, Oregon, and Florida to discuss the best ways to use TIO’s money to collect information on remedial efforts at small sites. He encouraged representatives from other states to join the call if they also have small sites scheduled for remediation in 2001.

Miscellaneous Topics

Next Conference Call
ERG agreed to set up the next conference call for January 30, 2001, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.