Conference Call Minutes from June 5, 2001

State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners

State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners
Conference Call

June 5, 2001

Conference Call Participants

  • Doug Fitton
  • William Linn
  • Leo Henning
  • Bob Jurgens
  • Juho So
  • Pat Eriksen
  • Dale Trippler
  • Jim Harrington
    New York
  • Bruce Nicholson
  • Scott Stupak
  • Lisa Taber
  • Dick DeZeeuw
  • Jim Gilbert
  • Steve Goins
  • Robin Schmidt
    North Carolina
    North Carolina
    North Carolina

Also participating in the State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners (SCRD) conference call were Cheryl Joseph from the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), Carolyn Perroni from Environmental Management Support, Inc. (EMS), and Sarah Dun from Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG).

Next Meeting Location and Geochemistry Training
Leo Henning opened the conference call with a discussion about the next meeting, tentatively scheduled for the first week in October 2001. Two possible locations for the meeting are Nashville, Tennessee, and Portland, Oregon. Dick DeZeeuw is working to coordinate a field demonstration for the meeting. Joseph asked DeZeeuw to send her a brief summary of the proposed field demonstration as justification for selecting the meeting location.

Geochemistry has been selected as the training topic for the next meeting. Joseph stated that NGWA has identified two possible instructors. She would like to provide the instructors with some specific questions to answer or topics to address during the training sessions. Accordingly, representatives from each state agreed to send questions or topics to Joseph by Tuesday, June 19, 2001.

Travel Policy
At the meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, some questions were raised about the group's travel policy and system for selecting meeting locations. Dale Trippler suggested three methods that the group could use to select locations. These are:

  1. SCRD could develop standard criteria to apply when selecting sites for meetings.

  2. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and/or NGWA could select three to four acceptable locations and present these locations to SCRD. SCRD members would then choose one.

  3. SCRD could make it a policy to hold meetings in each of the member states.

Call participants agreed that option 2 was infeasible. Henning felt that the group should select meeting locations based on a mixture of options 1 and 3. If possible, members should identify demonstration sites, training sessions, or conferences that would be relevant to SCRD; meetings should occur in conjunction with these events. If no relevant events are identified for a particular meeting, a member state would host that meeting. Call participants agreed that this is a reasonable approach. Perroni noted that the group should be cautious when planning meetings in conjunction with national conferences, because meeting space and hotel space may be limited.

Case Study/Site Profile Work
Bob Jurgens provided an update on the posting of case studies on the SCRD Web site ( He is continuing to gather information for case studies, and aims to have the information compiled by the end of July 2001. Case studies will be posted on the SCRD Web site by the end of summer 2001. Jurgens is including only case studies of drycleaner sites.

Dale Trippler noted that he is still gathering information (with which to create site profiles) from project managers in Minnesota. He asked project manger to complete site forms, which he obtained from Robin Schmidt. Schmidt stated that she has compiled information gathered in the site forms in an Access database, which she could make available to SCRD. Rather than that, Perroni suggested, Trippler should submit the forms to Jurgens for review. After reviewing the forms, Jurgens would send them to Perroni for input into the database that EMS uses to post the case studies on the SCRD Web site. Call participants agreed to use this procedure. One participant noted that project managers often hesitate to include lessons learned when they fill out forms. Because the lessons learned are of greatest concern to SCRD, members should take care to talk to project managers as well as request completion of the forms.

International Fabricare Institute Conference--New Orleans
Doug Fitton provided an update on activities for the July 2001 International Fabricare Institute Conference in New Orleans. Fitton will be unable to attend the conference; William Linn will be attending in his place. Perroni mentioned that she has shipped the SCRD poster and 500 brochures to the exhibitor.

State Comparison of Cleanup Numbers
Fitton has been gathering cleanup numbers for states participating in SCRD. All the states from which he requested information have provided their cleanup numbers. Some minor followup is still needed, however. Fitton is compiling the states' cleanup numbers into a single resource. He plans to finish a first draft of this resource by July 31, 2001.

SCRD Contacts
Henning said that four people have contacted him about SCRD. He summarized their requests:

State Recruitment
Henning said that he had been speaking with Rich Steimle about SCRD's membership and recruiting additional members. Although Steimle was not present during this conference call, call participants believed that Steimle likely wanted to ensure that SCRD was inclusive and reached interested states. Perroni volunteered to confirm this with Steimle. Henning said that there are probably many states without drycleaner programs that would be interested in attending SCRD meetings, but he questioned the need to recruit members and participants actively.

After discussion, call participants agreed that membership should be limited to states with drycleaner programs. If other states want to attend meetings and bring beneficial information to SCRD, this will not be discouraged. California and Texas might be interested in participating in this fashion. If so, these states could be included as represented states, similar to New York. Interested states could also receive information through the SCRD mailing list. Call participants also agreed that the SCRD Web site should indicate that SCRD resources are available to help states with pending drycleaner legislation.

Financial Status of SCRD
Throughout the conference call, participants raised questions about SCRD funding and NGWA's grant renewal. Perroni indicated that SCRD has received positive reviews and the grant should be renewed. In the course of this renewal, Joseph indicated, SCRD members should think about items that should be included in the new grant. Call participants requested that NGWA increase the number of SCRD members and include a provision that would allow the group to attend one national conference during the 3-year grant period.

Miscellaneous Topics

Next Conference Call
ERG agreed to set up the next conference call for Thursday, July 26, 2001, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.