Conference Call Minutes from January 15, 2003

State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners

State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners
Conference Call
January 15, 2003

Conference Call Participants
  • Larry Norris
  • Pam Wilson
  • Leslie Laudon
  • William Linn
  • Bill Burns
  • Jennifer Farrell
  • Doug Fitton
  • Pat Eriksen
  • Bob Jurgens
  • Dale Tripplers


  • Karen Kromar
  • Jim Belcher
  • Ken Koon
  • Dick DeZeeuw
  • Lisa Appel
  • Richard Haynes
  • Jim Gilber
  • Steven Goins
  • Robin Schmidt
  • Jeff Soellner

South Carolina
South Carolina

Also participating in the State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners (SCRD) conference call were Richard Steimle from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Cheryl Joseph from the National Ground Water Association, and Christine Hartnett from Eastern Research Group, Inc.

Hiring Interns
Richard Steimle said that an intern has been hired to assist Florida in several drycleaner-related projects. The intern, he said, will develop site profiles, work on case studies, and collect data on Florida's experience with soil vapor extraction, chemical oxidation technologies, and bioremediation. In addition, Steimle said, efforts are underway to hire a second intern to generate site profiles for drycleaning sites in Illinois, Minnesota,1 Tennessee, and Texas. If successful, Steimle said, the new interns could generate about 20 to 25 site profiles, bringing the total number of SCRD site profiles up to about 85. With this number of sites in the database, Steimle said, SCRD members will be able to make conclusions about the types of remedial approaches that perform well at drycleaner sites across the country. Ideally, he said, these conclusions could be summarized in papers and presented at several upcoming conferences.

Update From the Technical Subgroup
Bob Jurgens provided an overview of the Technical Subgroup's major activities:

Update From the Program Development/Administration Subgroup
Steve Goins said that the Program Development/Administration Subgroup has continued work on the component project. At the fall 2002 SCRD meeting, he said, five categories were identified as organizational headings for the component project: funding mechanisms, eligibility, prioritization, implementation, and benefits. To date, Goins said, the Subgroup has focused their efforts on developing the funding mechanisms section. The most recent version of this section has been distributed to Subgroup members for review. (Leslie Laudon asked for a copy; Goins agreed to send it to her.) Goins encouraged SCRD members to continue sending him material for the funding mechanisms section. In the near future, he said, a conference call will be held to discuss the component project's status. Goins asked Subgroup members to come to the spring 2003 SCRD meeting prepared to work on the project.

Update From the Outreach Subgroup
Schmidt agreed to generate a list of presentation tips. The list will give future SCRD meeting speakers an idea of what they should do to create clear and understandable presentation materials. Jurgens said that he and Perroni have some ideas for the tip sheet. These will be forwarded to Schmidt.

The Spring 2003 SCRD Meeting
The spring 2003 SCRD meeting will be held in San Francisco, California, on April 8B10, 2003. Cheryl Joseph will send out logistical information about the meeting soon. Dick DeZeeuw will write a formal invitation letter and send it to Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Call participants discussed the meeting agenda. They agreed that the following should appear on it:

DeZeeuw said that Juho So, Laudon, and Jurgens have agreed to coordinate the speakers for the more technical components of the meeting, such as the bioremediation talk, the microwell presentation, and the case studies. DeZeeuw said that he would create a detailed agenda soon. He asked call participants for recommendations on how to group the topics. Dale Trippler said that it would be useful to group all the technical sessions together. That way, people who just want to learn about the technical issues will not have to stay for the entire meeting.

Fall 2003 SCRD Conference
DeZeeuw said that several SCRD members will probably attend and present papers at the 19th Annual International Conference on Contaminated Soils, Sediments, and Water, scheduled to take place in Amherst, Massachusetts, on October 20B23, 2003. Those interested in presenting papers must submit abstracts by February 10, 2003. (See for additional information.) DeZeeuw encouraged SCRD members to present papers about the work that SCRD is performing and/or the work that is being performed in individual states. In addition, he said, SCRD members should consider presenting posters at the conference.

DeZeeuw recommended holding the fall 2003 SCRD meeting in conjunction with the Amherst conference. Call participants expressed enthusiasm for this idea. To determine whether this is feasible, Joseph and Steimle said, they must find out more about the expenses (i.e., hotel costs and registration fees) associated with the Amherst conference. Joseph agreed to research the costs and to report her findings to the SCRD members. If the next SCRD meeting is held in Massachusetts, Schmidt and Doug Fitton said, Massachusetts state regulators who work on drycleaner remediation and indoor air intrusion issues should be invited to attend.

Miscellaneous Information
Call participants discussed the following miscellaneous topics:

1 Trippler said that Minnesota might be able to generate its own site profiles without outside assistance. He will let Steimle know whether the intern's assistance is required.