Conference Call Minutes from January 7, 2004

State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners

State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners
Conference Call

January 7, 2004

Conference Call Participants

Pam Wilson Alabama Vance Jackson North Carolina
Antoinne Parker Alabama John Powers North Carolina
Emmett Hampton Alabama Mary Siedlecki North Carolina
Wendy Cohen California Scott Stupak North Carolina
Bill Burns Florida Lisa Appel South Carolina
Jennifer Farrell Florida Craig Dukes South Carolina
Doug Fitton Florida Richard Haynes South Carolina
Bill Linn Florida Margaret Dew Tennessee
Beth Walker Florida Nancy Frazier Tennessee
Pat Eriksen Illinois Jim Gilbert Tennessee
Mike Perkins Illinois Mike Leckie Texas
Juho So Illinois Shannon Minto Texas
Leo Henning Kansas Dan Switek Texas
Kären Kromar Minnesota Robin Schmidt Wisconsin
Dale Trippler Minnesota Jeff Soellner Wisconsin
Jim Harrington New York

Also participating in this State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners (SCRD) conference call were Richard Steimle from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Carolyn Perroni of Environmental Management Support, Inc.; Cheryl Joseph from the National Ground Water Association (NGWA); and Michelle Arbogast from ERG.

In November 2003, SCRD members were given a questionnaire asking for information about problems facing their drycleaner programs, training topics, and ideas for improving the Web site and SCRD. They were also asked whether they would be willing to explore these topics in greater detail. Doug Fitton noted that a lot of the requested information is already available on the SCRD Web site and that people seeking more information should check the Web site as a first step. He provided the larger points of discussion/topics resulting from the questionnaire and identified point-of-contact people for each:

  1. State case study presentations—Robin Schmidt
  2. Indoor air quality issues—Robin Schmidt
  3. Funding issues
    1. Cost-saving approaches—Nancy Frazier
    2. Resources—Pat Eriksen
  4. Land use restrictions and liabilities—Dolanda Alexander (volunteered by co-worker)
  5. Assessment technologies—still needs a contact person
  6. Remediation, specifically bioremediation—Bill Burns
  7. Oxygen demand—Juho So
  8. Assessment and remediation issues associated with DNAPL—Jennifer Farrell
  9. Ranking and priority—Fitton deferred to the Components Paper
  10. Closing out sites—Fitton and Linn noted that several years ago SCRD collected information on each state's cleanup criteria. That information is available upon request.
  11. Particular site issues/oddities/difficulties—Lisa Appel
  12. Data management issues—Scott Stupak

Fitton will provide a hard copy summary for distribution to all members, letting them know whom to contact if they are interested in these topics. One participant mentioned that the SCRD chat room (Web board) may be a good place to discuss these topics. Bill Linn noted that this can be accessed through the Members section of the SCRD Web site, and Carolyn Perroni can provide a password.

Update from the Project Management/Technical Issues Committee
Beth Walker provided an update on two of the Committee's projects:

Update From the Outreach Committee
Robin Schmidt mentioned that several upcoming conferences have been discussed and if people are interested in submitting abstracts they should continue to contact Perroni and Cheryl Joseph for deadlines and funding.

Rich Steimle suggested analyzing the Web statistics that are being gathered. Linn and Schmidt agreed it was a good idea to look at trends over time—perhaps areas that are not being used very much should be revised. Schmidt asked Perroni to send the last 6 months of Web statistics and she would put something together for the next conference call.

Update From the Program Development/Administration Committee
Because Steve Goins was sick and could not participate in the call, there was not an update for the Program Development/Administration Committee. Frazier relayed a message from Goins that he is working on the Components Paper and will send out a draft soon.

Resource Allocation
Pat Eriksen summarized the resource allocation issues (e.g., limited resources, lack of funding, staffing) identified by the questionnaire handed out at the November 2003 meeting. He would like to form a subgroup within the Program Development/Administration Committee to start discussing some of these issues informally. He asked participants to e-mail him with specific topics they would like to talk about.

Future SCRD Mettings
SCRD members plan to hold a meeting in Minnesota in spring 2004. Joseph said that she is looking at the last week in April or the first two weeks in May for the meeting. Linn suggested that the ideal agenda for future meetings would be to have one day for an administrative meeting (including state updates, committee meetings and reports, and general business issues), one day for case studies, and one day of training. He solicited ideas for training at the spring meeting, and received the following:

Linn will e-mail the training suggestions to SCRD members. Each state will send its top three training choices to Linn, who will give the top three choices to Joseph.

Action Items