Conference Call Minutes from September 22, 2005


September 22, 2005


● Pam Wilson Alabama ● Dick DeZeeuw Oregon
● Ton Vorster California ● Lisa Appel South Carolina
● Ray Frigon Connecticut ● Eric Cathcart South Carolina
● Sheila Gleason Connecticut ● Steve Goins Tennessee
● Bill Linn Florida (SCRD Chair) ● Dan Switek Texas
● Pat Erickson Illinois ● Terry Evanson Wisconsin
● Karen Kromar Minnesota ● Meade Anderson Virginia
● Allen Dotson Minnesota ● Duncan Austin California
● Ken Koon Missouri ● Jim Harrington New York
● Scott Stupak North Carolina ● Rich Steimle EPA
● Al Chapman North Carolina

Ken Koon stated that ideas and topics are needed for the SCRD Newsletter. Also, Ken stated that he has been contacted by Bill Hayes regarding the Mid-Western States Risk Assessment Symposium. The theme for the symposium will be chlorinated solvents. The two sessions that will be held are trichloroethylene and drycleaning. Bill Linn reported that two sessions on chlorinated solvents would be held at the Symposium. Ken Koon stated that Bill Hayes was soliciting papers, posters, and sponsers. Bill Linn has nominated SCRD to participate in this Symposium and per diem and housing money will be available. Any questions can be directed to Bill Hayes at 317-233-1513 or by email at The Symposium will be held August 23-25, 2006.

Bill Linn suggested that we find a way to solicit site profiles from non-member states. Our means of advertising for recruitment and for non-member participation needs to be improved.

Pat Erikson suggested that time be allotted at the next meeting to finish the Components paper. Also ideas are needed for the next formal paper. Topics suggested so far include prioritization, compliance issues, and funding dilemmas. Pat asked that paper topic ideas be submitted to him within 60 days. Once those ideas are generated, an Administrative Subgroup conference call will be scheduled. Further discussion will continue at the Spring meeting.

Eric Cathcart reported that 10 new site profiles have been added to SCRD's website. Several site profiles still need to be updated. The Technical Subgroup will be having a teleconference on Wednesday, September 28th, at 11am Eastern Time to gather ideas on a formal paper. It has been suggested that the remedial alternatives used in the site profiles be summarized in this paper. Data is available from the 100+ profiles that are now posted on our website. It simply needs to be put into a formal paper. Eventually this information can be incorporated into the site profiles section of our website and give viewers a "one-stop shop" to gather information and statistical data for their sites.

Dick DeZeeuw stated that Lisa Appel, Leo Henning, Pat Ericksen, Bill Linn and himself conducted a teleconference to discuss a new format for having one SCRD meeting per year. The following list of ideas has been proposed:

  1. Conduct a 3.5 day meeting. Sub-committees would still meet on the evenings before the meeting began.
  2. Conduct 1 day of training that is not formalized or does not require that someone is hired.
  3. Continue to have case studies that are devoted to a ½ day to day time slot. Problems, solutions and cost data should still be at the forefront of case study presentations.
  4. Conduct round table discussions with a presenter. Topics are needed for this.
  5. Conduct break-out sessions that include problems and how to solve them.
  6. Meetings should conclude with the business portion.
  7. State updates should be limited to new information only. Time should be allotted for a few questions.
  8. Vendor presentations should remain a possibility.
  9. Field events should be conducted when possible and useful. This is worth a ½ day's time but should not necessarily be presented at each annual meeting.

Bill Linn challenged each state to speak up about meeting ideas. We currently have 13 states with over 106 years of combined experience. Dick concluded by saying that each state give this topic some thought and try and generate some ideas during the next teleconference.

The next teleconference is scheduled for November 17, 2005.

Rich Steimle asked that updates be provided to these site profiles:

  1. Asian Cleaners-Florida
  2. Colonial Square Mall-Minnesota
  3. Cox's 1-Hour Cleaners-Oregon

Bill Linn stated that the Southern Cleaners and Laundry Update has been moved to the next teleconference.

Bill Linn stated that ITRC ( has several new web courses that would be of interest to SCRDers. These include Direct Push Wells, DNAPL Source Zones, and Permeable Reactive Barriers.