Conference Call Minutes from November 17, 2005


November 17, 2005


● Pam Wilson Alabama ● Rachel Donica South Carolina
● Crystal Collins Alabama ● Lisa Appel South Carolina
● Ray Frigon Connecticut ● Eric Cathcart South Carolina
● Bill Linn Florida (SCRD Chair) ● Julie Fridel South Carolina
● Pat Erickson Illinois ● Steve Goins Tennessee
● Bob Jurgens Kansas ● Nancy Frazier Tennessee
● Leo Henning Kansas ● Terry Evanson Wisconsin
● Carol Finke Missouri ● Rich Steimle EPA
● Scott Stupak North Carolina
● Dick DeZeeuw Oregon

Carol Finke reported for Ken Koon. Ken asked that members look at the Welcome Page on the SCRD website. A new paragraph has been added requesting that viewers submit site profiles. SCRD members should email comments and questions to Ken regarding this new page. Ken asked that ideas and articles for the SCRD newsletter be submitted to him by the end of November. Bill Linn stated that he will be submitting the latest SCRD statistics for the newsletter. Ken requested that SCRD'ers direct outside parties to subscribe to the SCRD newsletter. The newsletter will continue to be provided in pdf format on the website. Ken stated that he attended the NGWA Site Closure and Total Cost of Cleanup conference in Houston, TX on November 7th and 8th. Ken was able to pass out brochures about SCRD to attendees. Ken inquired about the status of creating a photo archive and a virtual tour of a drycleaning plant for the SCRD website. Bill Linn stated the virtual tour would include a brief description of equipment usage, waste streams, and source areas. Julie Fridel volunteered to head this project. A subcommittee for review will be established once the project begins. Lastly, Ken stated that a table listing newer drycleaning solvents (i.e. DF2000, Green Earth) is being put together. Once completed, this table will be added to the website as well. Suggestions for this table should be submitted to him. An ad hoc committee should also be established to generate the information.

Pat Erikson suggested during the last teleconference that members generate ideas for a new paper for the administrative subgroup. One suggestion has been provided and Pat asked that suggestions are submitted within the next 30 days. Once these are provided, Pat will email them out to the group.

Eric Cathcart reported that Illinois, Minnesota, and Oregon still needed to provide updates to the table of site statistics. This information should be forwarded to Eric once it is completed. Missouri has published a new site profile for Former American Cleaners in Missouri. Lisa Appel will soon be adding three for South Carolina.

Dick DeZeeuw stated that a list of ideas for presentations, case studies, panel discussions, and training should be generated. Each stated provided the following information:

AL- Pam Wilson stated that her state hopes to provide its first case study to the group. HRC is currently being used at this site and will have been in place for one year in February.

CO- Ray Frigon stated Connecticut should be able to provide one or two case studies.

FL- Bill Linn stated that Florida has two sites utilizing in-situ oxygen curtain that may be used for case studies. Bill also suggested that a panel discussion on what works and what doesn't in assessments might be beneficial to the group. Also a panel discussion on an overview of remedial alternatives might also be helpful.

IL- Pat Erikson stated that he could present a case study on potassium permanganate. Also a panel discussion on ways of informing the drycleaning community on costs, readjustments of fee structures, and monies spent could be helpful.

KS- Bob Jurgens suggested a case study on a Bioremediation project in Manhattan, Kansas.

MO- Carol Finke stated that Missouri could provide a case study and participate in a panel discussion if necessary.

NC- Scott Stupak stated that Al Chapman attended a Princeton Groundwater Remediation Course. The new information, theories, and concepts raised at this conference may be presented.

OR- Dick DeZeeuw stated that he could present a case study on a site whose remedial activities included removal, venting, potassium permanganate, and biostimulation. The issue of collecting money from the manufacturer of coin operated machines after they have been held liable for contamination could also be a panel discussion topic.

TN-Nancy Frazier stated that Tennessee could provide case studies on potassium permanganate and participate in any type of panel discussion.

SC-Lisa Appel stated that South Carolina could contribute a case study comparing 3 ozone systems and present GIS Data information on Sites in SC and how the data will be used to complete scoring packages. Also, Eric Cathcart will present the technical subcommittee paper on case studies which will be on behalf of the technical subcommittee.

WI-Terry Evanson stated that her state could participate in any panel discussion and might present case study updates. Terry stated that tracking information on closed sites with present contamination could be an idea for a panel discussion.

Minnesota and Texas were not present at the conference call.

Call participants scheduled he next teleconferences for January 19, 2005 and March 9, 2006. Also the last week of April, 2006 was proposed as a timeframe for the next SCRD Meeting in Austin, TX. Bill Linn will check with members from Texas to verify this information.

Scott Stupak provided an update on the Southern Cleaners & Laundry site in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The slide presentation and additional information can be found on the Project Management section of the WebBoard located on SCRD's website.