Conference Call Minutes from January 19, 2006


Janaury 19, 2006


● Pam Wilson Alabama ● Delonda Alexander North Carolina
● Sheila Gleason Connecticut ● Dick DeZeeuw Oregon
● Bill Linn Florida (SCRD Chair) ● Rachel Donica South Carolina
● John Winters Florida ● Lisa Appel South Carolina
● Pat Erickson Illinois ● Eric Cathcart South Carolina
● Bob Jurgens Kansas ● Julie Friddell South Carolina
● Scott Huckstep Missouri ● Richard Haynes South Carolina
● Karen Kromar Minnesota ● Steve Goins Tennessee
● Allen Dotson Minnesota ● Nancy Boisvert Tennessee
● Vicky Kugler Missouri ● Charles Rowan Tennessee
● David Kindelspire Missouri ● Dan Switek Texas
● Scott Stupak North Carolina ● Richard Scharlach Texas
● Niki Fountain North Carolina ● Terry Evanson Wisconsin
● Dianne Thomas North Carolina ● Meade Anderson Virginia
● Eric Swope North Carolina ● Rich Steimle EPA
● Al Chapman North Carolina

Julie Friddell expressed her thanks for the states who have submitted photographs for the virtual tour. Wisconsin, Florida, and Tennessee have sent great photos. Julie stated that she is still open for suggestions and is working on an outline at the present time. The following is a list of things that may or may not be included on the outline:

  1. A very brief history of solvents
  2. Process info- Pre-treatment, spotting process (with diagram)
  3. Drycleaning machines (commercial vs. coin-operated)
  4. Photos of petroleum machines (washer, extractor, dryer)
  5. Photos of the back of drycleaning machines ( one photo has been submitted that indicates just how complicated this can be)
  6. Diagram of cartridge filters (standard, combo, split) Julie said she currently has a black and white photo; she needs a color one if possible and one of the filter in the machine and alone.
  7. Julie stated that she has a lot of photos of muck, dry-to-dry machines, transfer machines, lint filters, and lint bags. She still needs photos of the carbon absorption process and of a condenser and water separator.
  8. Photos of leak checking, the inspection process, vacuum units, and steam presses are also needed.

Bob Jurgens suggested that the information needed be posted on the webboard. Julie stated that she will compile a word document for everyone to review and will have something concrete by the next teleconference. All submittals may be forwarded to .

Scott Huckstep has taken over as the Outreach subgroup Chairperson. Ken Koon has been moved to another program in Missouri and will no longer be working with drycleaners. Scott requested that comments on the solvent table he emailed last week be submitted as soon as possible.

Pat Erikson requested ideas for the Administrative Subgroup paper that was discussed during the last teleconference. Generally, there should be an update of information that we already have that includes an overview of the states' programs, why they were initiated, funding sources, prioritization and whether they are state lead or reimbursement programs. Hopefully this information can be compiled before and during the spring meeting and possibly be presented at the Mid-Western States Risk Assessment Symposium in August. Bill Linn suggested that the information contained in this paper will be beneficial to states who are thinking of starting a cleanup program in their states. It will let them know what works and doesn't work. All ideas should be emailed to Pat and Pat welcomes volunteers to assist in putting everything together.

Eric Cathcart reported that South Carolina(3 site profiles) and Tennessee (1 site profiles) have submitted new site profiles to the website and the total is now 110. Eric requested that someone volunteer to compile all of the data that was submitted on Bill Linn's spreadsheet. This person needs to have knowledge of Microsoft Access. Bill Linn suggested Scott Stupak and Scott agreed. Eric requested that those who still need to submit have the information to him by February. The next Technical Subgroup Teleconference will be held 2/21/06 at 11:00 am EST. Also 3 unfamiliar site profiles are awaiting posting on the SCRD website. Eric requested a volunteer to contact the individuals associated with these sites and make sure they are legitimate. Meade Anderson volunteered to perform this task. Rich Steimle suggested that SCRD continue down its path of summarizing site profile information and conform to the idea of what works and doesn't work. Rich says that is the sole purpose of site profiles. SCRD needs to learn what technologies work and be able to pass that information on to other states.

Rich Steimle indicated that the spring meeting will still take place in April or May. He stated that planning should continue. Bill Linn suggested that Texas think about possible meeting locations. Dick DeZeeuw stated that the meeting would be 3.5 days with Subgroup meetings on Monday night. Dick reviewed the types of presentations, breakout sessions, vendor presentations, and case studies that would be presented and that were outlined in the last conference call.

Call participants scheduled the next teleconference for March 9, 2006. Bill Linn stated that a presentation should be presented at the end of the teleconference. He needs a volunteer.

Bill Linn advised that on January 25th, there will be a web seminar on Biological Remediation Processes. You have the option of hooking in by phone-line or computer. The web address is .

Bill Linn spoke with Bill Hayes regarding the Mid-Western States Symposium in August. Indiana is still waiting on funding but there is a current request for papers and volunteers for poster sessions. Terry Evanson and Delonda Alexander will be giving presentations. The conference agenda can be found at .