Conference Call Minutes from March 9, 2006


March 9, 2006


● Pam Wilson Alabama ● Lisa Appel South Carolina
● Crystal Collins Alabama ● Eric Cathcart South Carolina
● Bill Linn Florida (SCRD Chair) ● Julie Friddell South Carolina
● Bob Jurgens Kansas ● Richard Haynes South Carolina
● Scott Huckstep Missouri ● Charles Rowan Tennessee
● Allen Dotson Minnesota ● Bob Patton Texas
● Mark Pugh Oregon ● Richard Scharlach Texas
● Dick DeZeeuw Oregon ● Jeff Soellner Wisconsin
● Rachel Donica South Carolina ● Meade Anderson Virginia
● Rich Steimle EPA

Scott Huckstep indicated that the Physical Properties of Chemicals Used in Drycleaning Operations table has been posted on SCRD's website. Bill Linn asked that all SCRD members view it and make comments if changes are needed. Bill Linn stated that he spoke with Bill Hayes regarding the Mid-Western States Symposium. Bill Hayes indicated that SCRD is a sponsor and should pay for 4 representatives to attend the symposium. Delonda Alexander-North Carolina, Terry Evanson-Wisconsin, Mark Pugh-Oregon, and Bill Linn-Florida are scheduled to attend.

Julie Friddell expressed her thanks to Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Tennessee for contributing photos and information. Currently a draft version of the presentation is available on the webboard. Another version should be available by Friday afternoon which will contain Bill Linn’s and Dick DeZeeuw’s comments. All SCRD members should view it and submit comments and/or additional photos if they are available. Essentially the presentation may be broken down into two sections: Operations (drycleaning plant) and Regulatory Issues (what you should see during an inspection, wastes generated). Bill Linn and Dick DeZeeuw both suggested that photos of compliance should be included which outline what is acceptable and unacceptable.

Bill Linn indicated that Pat Erikson was tied up in a meeting and unable to give the Administrative Subgroup Report. Bill Linn stated that he has an idea for a paper for the subgroup. The paper would include a description of each state’s programs, its elements, and how they run. This information would then inform the reader of how effective each type of program is in each state. Bill indicated he would be sending out an outline via email to all SCRD members.

Eric Cathcart reported that the site statistics spreadsheet was two states away from completion. A teleconference will be arranged in the near future so that everyone can talk about any changes that need to be made. Once the spreadsheet is finalized, members will begin work on the paper.

Call participants scheduled the next teleconferences for April 20, 2006 and June 8, 2006. Bill Linn stated that he recommends Virginia be included as a representative state in SCRD. Bill reminded members that Virginia attended the last two meetings with their own money and have taken an active part in SCRD activities which included giving presentations. Bill moved that members take a vote with each state casting one vote. Voting was as follows: Alabama-yes, Florida-yes, Kansas-yes, North Carolina-no participants in the teleconference, South Carolina-yes, Texas-yes, Illinois-no participants in the teleconference, Minnesota-yes, Missouri-yes, Oregon-yes, Tennessee-yes, Wisconsin-yes. Dick DeZeeuw made the motion that Virginia join SCRD as a representative state. Eric Cathcart seconded that motion.

Bill Linn suggested that Louisiana be removed as a representative state since they have not participated in the recent year in teleconferences and meetings. Steve Chustz has been the representative for Louisiana and it was suggested by several members that Bill Linn contact him and let him know of SCRD’s intentions. Bill Linn confirmed that he would do that.

Dick DeZeeuw mentioned that Indiana currently is considering drycleaner legislation and that state should be contacted for possible membership. Bill Linn suggested that Dick call their representative on the issue.

Rich Steimle indicated that the Spring Meeting is still scheduled and members should keep a timeframe in mind. Rich will be speaking with NGWA on the issue and arrangements will be made as soon as possible. Rich indicated that 8 new sites have been added to the site profiles on the website which brings the total to 113.

Bob Jurgens asked how Missouri and Texas are doing with their programs. Scott Huckstep indicated that Missouri’s legislation will be finalized by May 30th if it does not reach any snags. At that time, drycleaners can then begin submitting claims and workplans. Missouri’s program is reimbursement only and voluntary. Active and abandoned sites must register by July 1, 2009. Fee collection began in 2001 and in February, 2006 the fund balance was $2,627,000. Active facilities pay based on solvent usage and there is also a solvent surcharge per gallon for distributors. Fees are assessed to chlorinated solvents only. Richard Scharlach indicated that Texas has had revised rules approved this year. The program is state-lead and currently there are 43 active sites. 20 applications are currently in-house and there is $14,000,000 in the fund.