Conference Call Minutes from August 17, 2006

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Conference Call Summary

State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners Conference Call

August 17, 2006

Conference Call Participants

Connecticut – Sheila Gleason
Florida – Bill Linn
Illinois – Pat Ericksen
Kansas – Bob Jurgens
Minnesota – Allen Dotson
Missouri – David Kindelspire, Scott Huckstep, Vicky Kugler
North Carolina – Delonda Alexander, Niki Fountain, Al Chapman, John Powers
Oregon – Dick DeZeeuw
South Carolina – Eric Cathcart, Julie Friddell
Tennessee – Nancy Boisvert, Steve Goins
Texas – Richard Scharlach, Dan Switek
Wisconsin – Terry Evanson
Virginia – Jerry Grimes
National Groundwater Association – Cheryl Joseph
EPA – Rich Steimle

Outreach Subgroup Report

Scott Huckstep, Outreach Subgroup chair called for state update articles for the Fall SCRD Newsletter.

Administrative Subgroup Report

An outline is being prepared for a paper summarizing the progress of the various state drycleaning solvent cleanup programs.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup

Chair Eric Cathcart announced that the spreadsheet containing data from 116 drycleaning sites posted as site profiles on the SCRD website has been completed. Currently, the data is being reviewed, statistics are being compiled and various graphs and charts are being generated as part of the data analysis. Eric, Bob Jurgens and Bill Linn will be meeting in Austin October 29-30 to draft a paper summarizing the results of remedial efforts at the 116 drycleaning sites in the database.

Julie Friddell, of South Carolina DHEC, stated that she is making good progress on compiling a “Compliance Virtual Tour” of a drycleaning site. She is being assisted by Eric Swope of the North Carolina DNR. Julie is still accepting photographs illustrating various compliance issues at drycleaning sites. Julie will present her “Drycleaning Virtual Tour” presentation and discuss the “Compliance Virtual Tour” at the upcoming Fall meeting in Austin.

Data on an additional eighty-eight (88) drycleaning chemical products has recently been entered on the Drycleaning Chemical Data Base on the SCRD website. As available the following data were entered for each product: product name, manufacturer, function or application of each product, chemical contents, and CAS number. With the recent additions, there are now entries for 544 drycleaning chemical products on the website. To access the data, go to The Drycleaning Chemical Database can be searched by product name, specific chemical name or CAS#.

Fall SCRD Meeting

Dick DeZeeuw of Oregon and Cheryl Joseph, NGWA discussed the upcoming Fall SCRD meeting to be held in Austin, Texas from October 29 – November 2. Cheryl noted that anyone who has not made their reservations needs to do so. Cheryl needs to know the arrival and departure times for the members attending the meeting. State updates need to be forwarded to Cheryl. If a state update is not sent to Cheryl prior to the meeting, then 35 copies need to be brought to the meeting for handouts.

Dick DeZeeuw reviewed the draft Fall meeting agenda. Although the agenda has not been finalized, specific presentation titles and panel discussion topics need to be finalized.

Next Teleconference

The next SCRD teleconference will be held on Thursday, September 28, 2006 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EDT. This will be the final teleconference before the Austin meeting.