Conference Call Minutes from December 14, 2006


December 14, 2006

Attendance & Opening Remarks - Steve Goins/Rich Steimle

● Pat Eriksen, IL ● Dick DeZeeuw, OR
● Meade Anderson, VA ● Bill Burns, FL
● Steve Goins, TN ● Sheila Gleason, CT
● Nancy Boisvert, TN ● Bob Jurgens, KS
● Paul Oyegbeda, AL ● Leo Henning, KS
● Latoya Wright, AL ● Scott Huckstep, MO
● Lisa Appel, SC ● Niki Fountain, NC
● Paul Bergstrand, SC ● Dianne Thomas, NC
● Rachel Donica, SC ● Karen Kromar, MN

Rich was not on the call yet for opening remarks.

Outreach Subgroup Report - Scott Huckstep
The next newsletter is in final draft form. TN, WI, AL and MO all sent in updates. Other states may still send in updates but must get them to him by Monday December 15th.

Administrative Subgroup Report - Pat Eriksen
At the Austin meeting assignments were handed out for work on the virtual dry cleaners tour. They are currently being worked on and are due February 15th. Pat Eriksen will send reminders to everyone with an assignment.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup - Nancy Boisvert
Bob Jurgens and Bill Linn are working on the draft paper. The paper was submitted and was awarded a poster presentation at the next Battelle Conference. There was discussion about whether we had enough in the budget to send people to man the poster. The draft of the paper should be available by the end of January. Comments on the draft will be solicited from some members of the technical subgroup and/or other interested parties. Nancy Boisvert is working on a paper with Terrasystems and this has been given a presentation slot at the Battelle Conference. The paper deals with chlorinated solvent source control on a limited budget. She offered to stand with the poster and plug SCRD in her presentation. Dick DeZeeuw seemed to think that we should be able to send people to do the poster.

Bob Jurgens or Rich Steimle said that we have added three additional sites to the profiles on our webpage. We need to keep adding new sites. The sites need to be in remediation for one year.

At the last meeting WI and CT agreed to do a short paper on vapor intrusion. Sheila Gleason said that they are currently working on ideas and focus for this paper.

Bill Linn sent a questionnaire that Nancy Boisvert will review and decide to send out.

Steve Goins announced a call for papers for the Amherst conference in October 2007. The deadline is February 8th for a one page abstract. He asked if the group wanted to submit anything. It was decided that we could submit the same one submitted to Battelle.

Austin Meeting Minutes - Richard Scharlach
Richard was not on the call.

Austin Meeting Feedback
Was the committee meeting time sufficient?
It was good if you're working on a paper. It depends on the status of what the group is working on. In some cases, more time could be warranted.

Were the state briefings ok?
Seemed to be the best way to handle them. Everyone was fairly concise and we stayed on schedule.

How were the roundtable discussions?
The format is good but we need to flesh out topics to make more relevant to the whole group. The Funding roundtable did not work well because not enough people are directly involved with that aspect. The other topics were good and went well.

How was the training?
The training was great and the case studies directly after meshed nicely. Good speaker. One person suggested not too much more training and Nancy Boisvert suggested more training and less meeting since that is the only training some states get.

Can we still fill a day or more with case studies?
Overall — yes we can. People still enjoy and get information out of the case studies. The "where we went wrong-lessons learned" ones provide more learning opportunities. Rich Steimle stated that the EPA is interested in dry cleaning site cleanups because they are faster than larger cleanups yet still provide useful information.

Was there enough time for the business session?

New Business
Dick DeZeeuw wondered if the information in Carolyn's email concerning website activity meant that our website has been hacked by an outside party. Steve Goins will check with Pete Riddle at EMS.

The group needs to resolve the status of CA and LA. They have shown no interest. Steve Goins will follow up and report during the next teleconference.

Steve Goins asked CT, SC and AL about providing information to Cheryl Joseph (NGWA) about possible fall 2007 meeting locations. CT and SC have sent Cheryl information.

Nancy Boisvert asked if we had heard anything from Cheryl Joseph about the ground water conference in Houston or LA.

Steve Goins mentioned that Gary Amato from Colorado State University would like to do a brief presentation during one of our conference calls. There was no objection from the group. It would be about zero valent iron in clays. It was suggested that Mr. Amato have a power point presentation or some type of webinar set up to make the presentation more meaningful.

Steve Goins needs a contact person from each state for state statistics updates.

Steve Goins asked the group about a new solvent, Dry-Solv, and asked what other states knew about it. It is being touted as a PCE replacement; it is non-regulated and sold in 5-gallon containers. It is n-propyl bromide but also has nitro methane in it. OR has started to see some stores using this.

The site profiles are not getting updated. If states need help Rich Steimle can get some contract folks to help. Bill Linn had volunteered in the past to go over all the profiles and contact people about the missing information. He sent out emails and made phone calls. Rich can have an EPA contractor call to get the missing information completed. It was decided that if a site yields more immediate results it could be posted before it has been in remediation for one year.

Steve Goins suggested that each subgroup should have a sub chair to assist the chair. The terms for the chair and sub chair would be two years. The sub chair would then become the chair after the chair's two-year term.

Next teleconference February 15th