Conference Call Minutes from February 15, 2007

SCRD Teleconference - Feb 2007

SCRD Teleconference

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Attendance & Opening Remarks – Steve Goins/Rich Steimle

Dave Davis, AL
Bill Burns, FL
Bill Linn, FL
Pat Erickson, IL
Bob Jurgens, KS
Allen Dotson, MN
Scott Huckstep, MO
Jim Harrington, NY
Dianne Thomas, NC
Niki Fountain, NC
Dick DeZeeuw, OR

Paul Bergstrand, SC
Lisa Appel, SC
John Poole, SC
Steve Goins, TN
Richard Scharlach, TX
Meade Anderson, VA
Terry Evanson, WI
Jamie Korleski, NWGA
Marcus Niebanck, Trust for Public Lands
Gary Amato, Colorado State University
Tom Sale, Colorado State University

Outreach Subgroup Report – Scott Huckstep

No updates – nothing new.

Administrative Subgroup Report – Pat Erickson

Pat sent out a reminder about the state approaches to remediation questionnaires.  Also, there should be a draft of the virtual dry cleaners tour in about 30 days.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup – Steve Goins

Bill Linn is working on a poster for Battelle that Charles Rowan (TN) will be manning. 

Bob Jurgens submitted an abstract for the Amherst conference. 

CT and WI are working on a vapor intrusion paper. 

There will be a conference in Niagara Falls, NY in late September.

Topics to be covered include in-situ oxidation, site remediation challenges, DNAPL and fractured rock. 

Nancy Boisvert has suggested that the technical subgroup have a conference call to discuss the questions for the site profiles.  She suggested that clearly defining the questions or clarifying them would help a great deal.  Questions are being interpreted differently.  Bob Jurgens stated that he and Bill Linn are working on the paper on the site profiles.  The data and graphs are complete and that Bob is now working on the text.  Meade Anderson tried to follow up on the incomplete site profiles and ones needing updates in VA.  No response.  Bill Linn also had no luck following up with project managers.  Bill Linn is going through the profiles and contacting states about the missing information.  States are to do their own updates. 

New Business

Jamie Korleski is our new NWGA contact

CA Air Resources Board banned Perc statewide by 2023.  No new perc machines can be purchased in 2008.

Marcus Niebanck with the Trust for Public Lands gave us an update on the effort to create a dry cleaning program in CA.  There is place holder legislation in place but he does not think that a bill will get introduced this session.

Steve contacted LA about participating and had no success.  A state by state vote determined that SCRD will remove LA as a representative state. 

Bob Jurgens was contacted by the Colorado Consulting/Engineers Association.  They are looking into starting a program in Colorado.

FL has four new profiles on the web site with completed remediation.  They will send out two spreadsheets with site information at chem-ox and bioaugmentation sites.

Gary Amato and Tom Sale of Colorado State University gave a presentation on Zero Valent Iron and Clay.

The next teleconference is scheduled for April 12th.