Conference Call Minutes from April 12, 2007

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SCRD Teleconference
Thursday April 12th, 2007

Attendance & Opening Remarks - Steve Goins

Beverly Blagg, AL
Dave Davis, AL
Duncan Austin, CA Central Valley Water Board  
Sheila Gleason, CT
Bill Burns, FL
Bill Linn, FL
Deanna Nicholson, FL
Pat Eriksen, IL
Allen Dodson, MN
Scott Huckstep, MO
Dianne Thomas, NC

Scott Stupak, NC
Niki Fountain, NC
John Powers, NC
Dick DeZeeuw, OR
Paul Bergstrand, SC
John Poole, SC
Nancy Boisvert, TN
Steve Goins, TN
Charles Rowan, TN
Meade Anderson, VA
Kathy Butcher, NWGA
Rich Steimle, EPA

Outreach Subgroup Report - Scott Huckstep

The summer newsletter will be going out in June. Please send in state updates and any other ideas for articles. Rich Steimle wants to have composite stats in this issue.

Administrative Subgroup Report - Pat Erickson

There are a few more updates on the components paper. Not much happening with the virtual dry cleaner tour. Would like to meet in late May or early June to update the components paper, the virtual dry cleaners tour and maybe work on a new paper.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup - Nancy Boisvert

Bill Linn and Bob Jurgens are working on the profiles paper and will have a better draft next week.

The poster for Battelle is done and is on the way to Charles Rowan who will stand with it as he is already attending the conference and presenting a paper.

Sheila Gleason and Terry Evanson are working on the vapor intrusion paper.

Nancy suggested that the technical subgroup have a conference call to discuss the questions for the site profiles. She suggested that clearly defining the questions or clarifying them would help a great deal. Call set for April 25th 1100 EST.

Rich Steimle suggested taking SCRD brochures to Battelle.

There was discussion of getting a summer intern in 2008 to work on updating site profiles.

New Business

Fall Meeting-

Dick Dezeeuw volunteered to put the agenda together again. States need to think about what they will be contributing to the conference - case studies, round table participation, etc. Committees and subgroups should think about the projects that they are working on and what kind of time they might need at the conference. The fall SCRD meeting will be held in September in Portland, ME in conjunction with the fractured bedrock conference. SCRD will have the same amount of meeting time and will be given access to conference activities. Kathy Butcher would like feedback on the schedule. The dates are September 24th - 26th. The agenda for the fractured bedrock conference should be final next month. A discussion of whether the fractured rock conference would provide enough training and meeting times and lengths ensued. It was decided that we will wait for the fractured rock conference agenda to be finalized and we can all review it for discussion on the next conference call.

TN had their first actuarial study completed and presented to their board. The current liability was projected at $22 million and future liability was projected at $285 million. Based on this, TN will need a significant funding increase in the next legislative session. There was a discussion of OR's efforts with old insurance policies. IL was told they would have to change the statutes in order to push dry cleaners to pursue these old policies. OR did have their statutes changed.

Dick DeZeeuw mentioned the Western Cleaners & Launderers Publication. It is mostly for CA but it is interesting.

CA will be participating in SCRD.

The next teleconference is tentatively scheduled for June 7th but may need to be rescheduled if the agenda for the fractured rock conference is not available.