Conference Call Minutes from June 7, 2007

SCRD Conference Call Summary - June 7, 2007


June 7, 2007

Beverly Blagg, Alabama
Dave Davis, Alabama
Bill Linn, Florida
Jennifer Farrell, Florida
John Winters, Florida
Stacie Davis, Florida
Pat Eriksen, Illinois
Bob Jurgens, Kansas
Leo Henning, Kansas
Allen Dodson, Minnesota
David Kindelspire, Missouri    
Vicky Kugler, Missouri
John Doyon, New Jersey
Scott Stupak, North Carolina
Dick DeZeeuw, Oregon
Paul Bergstrand, South Carolina
Nancy Boisvert, Tennessee
Steve Goins, Tennessee
Charles Rowan, Tennessee
Jim Gilbert, Tennessee
Dan Switek, Texas
Meade Anderson, Virginia
Jamie Korleski, NWGA

Steve Goins gave a statement of appreciation for Rich Steimle. The statement was read at Richs' retirement luncheon. There is no word yet on who will be the taking over for Rich.

The SCRD news letter was sent out last month. Several people acknowledge that this was one of the best news letters SCRD has had, and that Scott Huckstep did a great job putting it together. Steve noted that since the news letter has gone out he has received numerous inquiries to get on the news letter mail out list.

Pat Eriksen indicated that the outreach subgroup is working on finishing up the web site drycleaner virtual tour. He said that the group is also completing the State Drycleaner Remediation Programs paper.

Nancy Boisvert said that she has received feedback on the issue of changing the SCRD profile format. There are several items that seemed minor and that most of the group agreed with. She would like to discuss these minor changes with a small group and believes that they can be easily implemented. There were some larger questions that she would like to discuss with the SCRD group during the fall meeting. These changes should be discussed with everyone. Nancy will coordinate with a few people on the minor changes and thought that these could be implemented prior to the meeting.

Charles Rowan said that he had attended the Battelle meeting in Baltimore and that it was really very good. He received a lot of interest from people passing regarding the paper and poster. Many people were interested in contacting SCRD.

The Technical paper is coming along. Bob Jurgens is completing the final formatting, the text has been completed. He would like to have some feed back once he has completed the formatting. Nancy indicated that the Technical Subgroup would be able to help review once the draft is completed.

Bob Jurgens has sent in an abstract for a platform presentation at the AEHS Conference, this is the Annual Conference on Soils, Sediments and Water, October 15-18, 2007, at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Discussed the question of whether this would be supported by NGWA/EPA. Group agreed that submitting the abstract was a good idea. Bill Linn asked about a profile that had been submitted by Adventus, he was not sure if this site was a drycleaner. He indicated that during the review of the profile someone may need to contact Adventus to clarify some of the details prior to posting on the web site. Bill noted that there are seven new profiles on the web from Florida, two are site closures.

Bill Linn wanted to know if other states were sampling for 1,4-Dioxane. Nancy from Tenn. indicated that they are doing some limited sampling to help build up data to determine whether or not it is an issue. The contaminant it is very mobile and therefore the contaminant may be located far from the original source area.  

Group discussed the upcoming EPA/NGWA Fractured Rock Conference on September 24-26, 2007 in Portland Maine. Jaime Korleski indicated that she was going to have a meeting today with Kathy Butcher and she would send out an e-mail following the meeting with information.

Dick DeZeeuw indicated that he is working on the agenda for the upcoming SCRD meeting and would like to have each state’s input as to when they would like to try and meet and what topics should be discussed. The group decided that there were many presentations that would be of interest during the Fractured Rock Conference, and that it was unlikely that there would be a good time during this conference to also hold the SCRD meeting. It was recommended that the SCRD group have their meeting on the Thursday following the Fractured Rock Conference with a half day of meeting and travel planned for Friday.

Dick indicated that the group should send him their ideas for agenda items, case studies, and panel discussions. Also how much time would be needed for subgroup meetings? There was a question on whether to limit the case studies presented at the meeting to fractured rock sites, the group agreed to open it up to all sites. It was noted that the technical subgroup would like to discuss the SCRD profiles and proposed changes to the format. It was mentioned that the committee subgroups will usually meet the night prior to the meeting and to try to plan accordingly. It was noted also that in the past each state has been allowed to send two people to the SCRD Meeting. There has also been interest in SCRD from New Jersey, California, Maryland and Washington; there is the possibility of representatives from these states/agencies attending the meeting. NGWA will block rooms for the Fractured Rock Conference (September 24-26), if it is determined to have the SCRD meeting following the conference NGWA will arrange to have rooms blocked for Thursday night.

The group was asked to e-mail their recommendations to Dick by June 21, 2007. The group was reminded that there needs to be participation from all the States.

There was an article that compared state drycleaning programs to state petroleum cleanup programs. Steve will e-mail a copy of the article out to the group.

There have been other publications lately that may be of interest to the group Bill Linn indicated that following three are now available:

Both are available at


Available at

The group discussed the issue of compliance at drycleaners. Oregon has integrated their cleanup and compliance programs for drycleaners. Questions were raised on how states are dealing with compliance issues at drycleaners, how the compliance sections relate to the drycleaning programs. There was a question raised on how programs are regulating waste water treatment units. There were varied responses to this issue. It was determined that there should be a discussion on compliance issues during the SCRD meeting; perhaps as a panel discussion. It was also suggested that Erik could discuss how N.C. is addressing drycleaner compliance issues.

Next teleconference will be on August 2, 2007. This will likely be the last teleconference before the SCRD Meeting. Be sure and get your topics to Dick DeZeeuw by June 21, 2007