Conference Call Minutes from August 2, 2007

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Thursday, August 2nd, 2007


Beverly Blagg, AL
Dave Davis, AL
Cary Spiegel, AL
Duncan Austin, CA Central Valley Water Board  
Sheila Gleason, CT
Bill Burns, FL
Bill Linn, FL
Deinna Nicholson, FL
Pat Eriksen, IL
Bob Jurgens, KS
Leo Henning, KS
Karen Kromar, MN
Vicki Kugler, MO
David Kindelspire, MO
Jim Harrington, NY
Matthew Dunham, NY
Steven Hoke, NJ
Biff Lowry, NJ
Scott Stupak, NC
Dianne Thomas, NC
Niki Fountain, NC
John Powers, NC
Dick DeZeeuw, OR
Paul Bergstrand, SC
John Cresswell, SC
Lisa Appel, SC
Nancy Boisvert, TN
Steve Goins, TN
Charles Rowan, TN
Jim Gilbert, TN
Richard Scharlach, TX
Meade Anderson, VA
Terry Evanson, WI
Kathy Butcher, NWGA
Kelly Madalinski, EPA
John Quander, EPA


Attendance & Opening Remarks - Steve Goins

Steve introduced Rich Steimle's replacement, Kelly Madalinski. He will be the EPA liaison with SCRD and has been working with Bill Linn on some case studies.

Outreach Subgroup Report - Scott Huckstep

No update - Scott is on vacation.

Administrative Subgroup Report - Pat Erickson

Steve Goins, Dick DeZeeuw, Bill Linn and Leo Henning recently met in Chicago with Pat Erickson. The Drycleaner Tour "Regulatory/Compliance Issues at Perchloroethylene Drycleaners" was finalized and is ready for comment. Please send any comments or suggestions to Pat. Other accomplishments at the meeting included:

Steve commented that these smaller meetings of subgroups may happen more in the future now that there is only one meeting a year. They all thought that it was a very productive meeting.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup - Nancy Boisvert

The technical subgroup had a teleconference to discuss the questions on the site profiles entry form. There are some changes being considered and that will be a topic for the technical subgroup committee meeting at the SCRD conference. Some changes that were already agreed upon have been sent in. Kelly Madalinski indicated that these changes would be made.

Terry Evanson and Sheila Gleason have been working on the vapor intrusion paper. They would like to discuss this at the SCRD conference so states should be ready to provide information about and discuss what they are doing with vapor intrusion.

Bob Jurgens is working on the profiles paper. It is more detailed than originally thought but he should have it finished next week and will send it out for review. He will be presenting this at the AEHS Conference in October at UMass Amherst.

Steve suggested that we get with Kelly Madalinski and Pete to go over the website and our available tools and do some updating and make some changes. Nancy and Steve had discussed providing a narrative on the web page that details what each of the subgroups do and identify the chairs of each group.

Fall Meeting


Steve Goins laid out the budget situation - NGWA can fund 22 slots. In the past NGWA has funded two people per state to attend meetings. There are 13 member states. However, Connecticut and Minnesota are only sending one person so that reduces the number to 24. Virginia and New York are represented states and have received funding in the past to attend SCRD meetings. Additionally, there are a couple of other states who have expressed interest in attending the meeting (New Jersey, Maryland, and California).

The budget is so tight that everyone's individual costs will impact the rest of the group. Some ideas that were discussed to lower costs and open up additional slots included:

These ideas should allow all member states, representative states and one person from the three interested states to attend the SCRD meeting. Several states agreed to send one person to the Rock conference and SCRD meeting sand another person just to the SCRD meeting. All states were asked to email Kathy Butcher and Steve Goins with what they would be willing to do. They will then have a better idea next week of costs before travel details are sent.


Dick DeZeeuw emailed an agenda prior to the teleconference. This meeting will focus on compliance. There will be two panel discussions on compliance issues (45 minutes) and 4 case studies.

The first panel will cover how states handle compliance - inspections, enforcement, etc.
The second panel will cover specific compliance requirements (e.g. waste handling)

Pat Erickson will start the conference off with a power point presentation of the "Regulatory/Compliance Issues at Perchloroethylene Drycleaners" then we will move on to the panels and then the case studies.

Dick DeZeeuw kept track of specific volunteers for the panels and case studies and this will be reflected in the updated agenda.

Cutting the case studies down to 30 minutes was discussed as was extending the day until 5:30 PM to include additional material. It was discussed that compliance should also be discussed during the state updates portion of the meeting.

Dick DeZeeuw will have a final agenda early next week.

New Business

Steve Goins had been approached by Adventus and they would like to do a presentation during the fall meeting. It was discussed that there just isn't enough time in the agenda for their presentation. It was suggested that they could participate in a future teleconference however, not much interested was expressed. If states are interested in this technology they should contact Don Hanson in Oregon.

Steve Goins mentioned an initiation for the ASTSWMO biannual state superfund meeting forwarded by Meade Anderson. There is a call for presenters and if selected travel for three people would be provided by ASTSWMO. This would be a good venue for SCRD exposure. The meeting is in August 2008.

Bob Jurgens wanted to know if anyone had heard of a technology call Trap & Treat. He will be getting more information on this.

Terry Evanson wants to discuss what everyone is doing with vapor intrusion at former dry cleaners.

Dick DeZeeuw was wondering if anyone else had done audits related to the reporting of gross revenues. Florida and Kansas have some experience with this.

The next teleconference was not scheduled. See you in Portland!