Conference Call Minutes from November 29, 2007

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Thursday, November 29, 2007


  • Beverly Blagg, Alabama
  • Dave Davis, Alabama
  • Sheila Gleason, Connecticut
  • Bill Linn, Florida
  • Deinna Nicholson, Florida
  • Juho So, Illinois
  • Allen Dotson, Minnesota
  • Scott Huckstep, Missouri
  • Vicki Kugler, Missouri
  • Dave Kindelspire, Missouri
  • Jim Harrington, New York
  • Steven Hoke, New Jersey
  • John Doyon, New Jersey
  • Pete Doorn, North Carolina
  • Dianne Thomas, North Carolina
  • John Powers, North Carolina
  • Dick DeZeeuw, Oregon
  • Lisa Appel, South Carolina
  • Nancy Boisvert, Tennessee
  • Steve Goins, Tennessee
  • Richard Scharlach, Texas
  • Dan Switek, Texas
  • Meade Anderson, Virginia
  • Terry Evanson, Wisconsin
  • Kristin Dufresne, Wisconsin
  • Jillian Steffes, Wisconsin
  • Kathy Butcher, NWGA
  • Rich Klinke, guest Wisconsin
  • Lindsay Trittipoe, NATLUST

Attendance & Opening Remarks - Steve Goins

Outreach Subgroup Report - Scott Huckstep

Scott Huckstep requested that the contact information for each state be updated. The deadline for submittals to appear in the next newsletter is December 17th. Steve is doing the minutes from the ME meeting for the website.

Administrative Subgroup Report - Lisa Appel

Lisa Appel reported that the Pete is finalizing the virtual tour. Plan to send out a draft survey for the next project for this subgroup.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup - Nancy Boisvert

Nancy Boisvert reported that all states had submitted their vapor intrusion information and that Sheila Gleason and Terry Evanson continue to work on that paper. At the ME meeting, changes to the site profile questions were decided on. Nancy is working on those changes. Steve Goins stated that Bob Jurgens’ paper on the site profiles was well received at the Amherst Conference. There was discussion of internet training on this. EPA also published it in their Technical News & Trends.

New Business

Meade Anderson reported that there are three slots for SCRD at the next Superfund Managers Conference. The location and dates should be available by our next conference call.

Steve Goins discussed the ASTSWAMO Remediation and Reuse Symposium coming up in December in Charleston, SC. He is giving a presentation at a breakout session.

Committees were encouraged to establish vice chairs in order to make a smoother transition once chair ships end.

Steve and Nancy have been doing dry cleaner owner and operator training all over TN. They are giving tests also and the sessions have been going very well.

Soil Solutions mobile steam distillation unit was discussed as they have been marketing to SCRD members. NC relayed their experience and everyone was encouraged to keep SCRD informed of any experiences they have with them.

Bill Linn announced that FL has posted two more closures to the website.

Dick Dezeeuw reported that OR is teaming with their water quality division to map out all supply wells located within a 10 year travel time from any dry cleaning facility. They are not certain what they will do with this information yet.

Lindsay Trittipoe Presentation on NatLUST

The next teleconference is scheduled for January 24th (rescheduled to February 5th)