Conference Call Minutes from February 7, 2008

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Thursday February 7, 2008


Beverly Blagg, Alabama
Bill Burns, Florida
Bill Linn, Florida
Deinna Nicholson, Florida
Andrea Bain, Florida
Juho So, Illinois
Leo Henning, Kansas
Bob Jurgens, Kansas
Karen Kromar, Minnesota
John Doyon, New Jersey
Delonda Alexander, North Carolina
Niki Fountain, North Carolina
Scott Stupak, North Carolina
Pete Doorn, North Carolina
Dianne Thomas, North Carolina
John Powers, North Carolina
Dick DeZeeuw, Oregon
Paul Bergstrand, South Carolina
Nancy Boisvert, Tennessee
Steve Goins, Tennessee
Dan Switek, Texas
Meade Anderson, Virginia
Terry Evanson, Wisconsin
Kathy Butcher, NWGA

Attendance & Opening Remarks - Steve Goins
The December minutes were approved.

Outreach Subgroup Report
Scott was not on the call but wanted to remind everyone that he needs to be updated on any contact changes.

Administrative Subgroup Report
Lisa Appel was not on the call. A draft SCRD survey paper has been sent out. This will help with the ten year retrospective paper that is planned. Please send in your comments on this.

The virtual tour is on the website now under the reference tab. Please give feedback and ideas for the location of this within the website.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup - Nancy Boisvert
The changes to the questions on the site profiles are complete and have been sent to EMS and EPA. Nancy and Bill Linn discussed how the states can review and approve their own site profiles submitted by consultants and others. Bill will provide training on this during the next conference call.

Terry Evanson gave an update on the Vapor Intrusion paper. They have compiled the responses that were received from the member states and they will go through these together to do a summary. Terry felt that there was not enough information for a matrix right now.

ASTSWMO State Superfund Managers Symposium - Steve Goins
Meade Anderson and Steve were on a conference call with an ASTSWMO committee member. There is a SCRD slot at this conference and funding for three SCRD folks to attend and present. The conference will be in Scottsdale, AZ July 29th - 31st. There are several concurrent sessions and the presentations will be 20-25 minutes. There is room for technical and administrative type presentations. They would like to know topics by the end of March and hope to finalize the agenda in mid June. If you are interested, let Meade or Steve know.

2008 Annual Meeting Discussion
There was a lengthy discussion of location, training and dates. The member states where we have not yet held a meeting are Alabama, South Carolina and Connecticut. Steve stated that Kelly Madelinski at EPA says that we do not have to meet in a member state we can pick a location that is convenient and affordable. The total budget for the meeting is $25,000. Several locations were suggested including Las Vegas, Reno, Buffalo, New Orleans, Charleston and Orlando. Kathy Butcher with NWGA suggested that we narrow down the dates and then look for a location. Fall was suggested by several states for funding reasons. Bob Jurgens suggested that we do in-house training to save money and maybe do an outside training every other year. Steve suggested some other conferences we may consider piggy backing with: the Brownfields Conference in Detroit in May, Dry Cleaners Show in Savannah in late July, Shopping Center Conference in San Antonio at the end of September. Kathy wanted to know what days of the week we preferred. It was decided that Tuesday through Thursday has worked the best in the past. Committee meetings could be held Monday night allowing another two full days (Tuesday and Wednesday) and a half day on Thursday. Kathy will look at September 22nd and October 20th as possible meeting dates. She will get some quotes/estimates for Las Vegas, Charleston, St. Louis and New Orleans. Once the dates and location are settled we can start talking about training.

The following training ideas were suggested:
Changes to NESHAP, bio augmentation vs. bio stimulation, bio bugs, bioremediation, environmental forensics, active soil gas, real estate for regulators, alternative drycleaning solvents, emerging technologies

Steve solicited help with the agenda to give Dick DeZeeuw a break. Dick, Bill Linn and Pat Eriksen will work on the agenda for the next meeting.

New Business
Bill Linn is going to Battelle and Nancy Boisvert may also go. Bill Linn discussed how to encourage more site profiles on the website. States have sites that can be posted but it is mostly a resource issue. Several states (TN, WI, IL) were interested in interns from EPA assisting with site profiles.

Dick DeZeeuw mentioned an article that appeared in the January 2008 edition of the American Drycleaner entitled "The Case Against The Cleanup Fund" by John Spomar. Although Mr. Spomar places blame on the industry for being slow on environmental issues he takes several shots at state cleanup programs. The article basically implies that cleanup funds are the result of fear rather than reason. Mr. Spomar states that many state cleanup funds haven't removed a single spoonful of soil and that its lawyers, consultants, geologists and environmental engineers who receive the money from cleanup funds. Dick and others felt that SCRD needed to submit a rebuttal to the article.

Next teleconference
April 3, 2008