Conference Call Minutes from April 3, 2008

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Thursday April 3, 2008


Dave Davis, Alabama
Duncan Austin, California
Sheila Gleason, Connecticut
Bill Burns, Florida
Bill Linn, Florida
Jennifer Farrell, Florida
Pat Eriksen, Illinois
Bob Jurgens, Kansas
Luke Wisniewski, Maryland
Allen Dotson, Minnesota
Karen Kromar, Minnesota
Scott Huckstep, Missouri
Dave Kindelspire, Missouri
Vicky Kugler, MissouriJim Harrington, New York
John Doyon, New Jersey
Steven Hoke, New Jersey

Delonda Alexander, North Carolina
Niki Fountain, North Carolina
Dianne Thomas, North Carolina
Dick DeZeeuw, Oregon
Lisa Appel, South Carolina
Nancy Boisvert, Tennessee
Steve Goins, Tennessee
Jim Gilbert, Tennessee
Richard Scharlach, Texas
Dan Switek, Texas
Terry Evanson, Wisconsin
Kristin Dufresne, Wisconsin
Barbette Howell, NWGA
Kelly Madalinski, EPA
John Quander, EPA

Attendance - Steve Goins (TN)

Opening Remarks
Kelly Madalinski (EPA) has moved to OR. He will continue with his current duties as they relate to SCRD but that may change in the future.

Annual Meeting - Barbette Howell, NGWA
St. Louis and New Orleans were the two least expensive of the five cities researched. A state by state vote chose New Orleans as the location and October 20 - 23 as the date. The Amherst soils conference is the same week. Currently, two people from each member state will be able to attend.

Annual Meeting Training and Agenda - Dick DeZeeuw
A list of proposed training opportunities was emailed. A few people wrote back with comments but not many. If you have any other ideas and/or subjects send them to Dick (OR) . The budget is important. John Quander EPA suggested seeing if ITRC would fund someone to talk about chlorinated solvents. The plan is to do one day of training. If the training is shorter, we can fill in the agenda with additional case studies. It was decided that we would get cost information and details from ITRC for our next teleconference. Dick went through state by state asking what they would contribute to the agenda (panel discussion, case study, etc). Dick estimates 20-30 minutes for each presenter. Let him know if you require more time or less.

Outreach Subgroup Report - Scott Huckstep
The next newsletter is planned to go out in mid June. Start thinking about state and national updates, program numbers, new remediation technologies you've tried or any upcoming events. Email him with any content for the newsletter. Also be sure to keep state contact information up to date.

Administrative Subgroup Report - Lisa Appel
The subgroup put together a survey to gather content for the planned 10 year retrospective but the survey posed some problems and it was rethought and shelved. The subgroup welcomes any ideas. Lisa will send out an email asking for information.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup Report - Nancy Boisvert
Terry (WI) and Sheila (CT) have received all state comments for the vapor intrusion summary paper. They are compiling the responses so a summary can be done. They plan to send a draft with the write up and a spreadsheet out to the main contact in each state to verify the accuracy of the information in 1-2 weeks. The agreed upon changes to the questions in the site profiles are up on the website. Nancy detailed the specific changes. A discussion of the vapor intrusion questions took place. No resolution was reached.

Site Profiles Overview - Bill Linn
Bill provided training on how to enter and approve site profiles. He will send out an email that details the information.

New Business - Steve Goins
John Huff called to pitch a "new" technology called SCAV - RX Scavenger Solutions. It is a long chain polymer/vegetable oil based technology. If you would like any information, contact Steve.

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