Conference Call Minutes from May 29, 2008

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SCRD Teleconference May 29, 2008

Attendance - Steve Goins

Duncan Austin, California
Sheila Gleason, Connecticut
Jennifer Farrell, Florida
Deinna Nicholson, Florida
Juho So, Illinois
Bob Jurgens, Kansas
Luke Wisniewski, Maryland
Scott Huckstep, Missouri
Dave Kindelspire, Missouri
Vicky Kugler, Missouri
Jim Harrington, New York
John Doyon, New Jersey
Steven Hoke, New Jersey
Dianne Thomas, North Carolina
Dick DeZeeuw, Oregon
Lisa Appel, South Carolina
Steve Goins, Tennessee
Dan Switek, Texas
Meade Anderson, Virginia
Terry Evanson, Wisconsin
Jillian Steffes Wisconsin
Kathy Butcher, NGWA
John Quander, EPA
Carolyn Perroni, EMS
Keith Arnold, EMS

Outreach Subgroup Report - Scott Huckstep
The next newsletter is planned to go out in early June.

Administrative Subgroup Report - Lisa Appel
For the 10 year retrospective paper, each state should send in a summary blurb describing how SCRD has helped their state program. Additionally, how your program has changed over the years and any lessons learned. Photos can be sent in also. The subgroup would like these by the end of June. Lisa will send out an email with details. Carolyn Perroni from EMS will gather this information and summarize it in a paper. They would like this to be ready for the fall meeting.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup Report - Steve Going
The vapor intrusion section of the site profiles on the website has been added back in with the revisions. FL had taken down all of their site profiles to update and remove any defaults.

Terry and Sheila are ready to send the vapor intrusion paper to Nancy Boisvert today.

Meade Anderson stated that Bob Jurgens and Bill Linn will be presenting at the ASTWAMO conference as will Meade. Meade will be discussing vapor mitigation systems that VA has installed.

Annual Meeting - New Orleans October 20th-23rd
Kathy Butcher said to wait on making any airline reservations. She will send an email out next month with details.

Dick DeZeeuw went through the states detailing contributions for the agenda. The training for our meeting was discussed. Some leads will be investigated for our next meeting. The agenda is nearly complete.

There following two positions will be up for election at the fall meeting: Nancy's (Project Management/Technical Subgroup) and Steve's (SCRD Chair).

New Business
We discussed state budgets and travel restrictions. Also discussed the shutting down of vapor mitigation systems and what follow up sampling is required or recommended.

Bill Linn will be taking a sabbatical from SCRD.

Next Call:
July 24, 2008