Conference Call Minutes from September 18, 2008

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Bonnie Temple, Alabama
Cary Spiegel, Alabama
Sheila Gleason, Connecticut
Ashley Huber, Florida
Deinna Nicholson, Florida
Pat Eriksen, Illinois
Juho So, Illinois
Bob Jurgens, Kansas
Karen Kromar, Minnesota
Allen Dotson, Minnesota
Patrice Jensen, Minnesota
Allan Timm, Minnesota
Vicki Kugler, Missouri
David Kindelspire, Missouri
Scott Huckstep, Missouri

Jim Harrington, New York
Steven Hoke, New Jersey
John Doyon, New Jersey
Delonda Alexander, North Carolina
Dianne Thomas, North Carolina
Peter Doorn, North Carolina
Dick DeZeeuw, Oregon
Steve Campbell, Oregon
Lisa Appel, South Carolina
Nancy Boisvert, Tennessee
Steve Goins, Tennessee
Richard Scharlach, Texas
Meade Anderson, Virginia
Jillian Steffes, Wisconsin
Kathy Butcher, NWGA

Attendance - Steve Goins (TN)

Outreach Subgroup Report - Scott Huckstep
The next newsletter is planned to go out in December. Send Scott items of interest and state updates.

Administrative Subgroup Report - Lisa Appel
Carolyn Peronni (EMS) sent out a draft of the 10 year retrospective paper. It looks good. It has been reviewed and some changes are being made.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup Report - Nancy Boisvert
The vapor intrusion paper that Terry Evanson and Sheila Gleason worked on is done and has been posted on the website. A lot of good work was done to get the changes made on the site profiles.

Annual Meeting - New Orleans October 20th-23rd
Dick DeZeeuw went over the agenda. Discussions about panels and topics and placement in the agenda ensued. Dick will send out a revised agenda through Steve Goins. Send in state updates by October 2nd to get copies made for the meeting. Send them to Emily (NGWA) and copy Kathy Butcher and Steve Goins (Kathy will send out Emily's address). All flights arrangement have been completed. Let Kathy know if your arrival or departure dates need to be changed.

New Business
The ASTM Vapor Intrusion Standard was discussed. It may be added on to E2600-08 "all appropriate inquiry" for property transactions. Delonda Alexander will send out a link to David Folks' power point presentation. Steve Goins discussed TN's budget situation. John Quander would be the one to tell us about the SCRD budget. The SCRD agreement runs through March 30, 2009.