Conference Call Minutes from April 3, 2014

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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Bonnie Temple, Alabama
Carey Spiegel, Alabama
Jim Fish, Alaska
Nathan Casebeer, California
Bill Linn, Florida
Scott Huckstep, Missouri
Jim Harrington, New York
Steve Hoke, New Jersey
Pete Doorn, North Carolina
Don Hanson, Oregon
Joe Westersund, Oregon
Charles Rowan, Tennessee
Alison Hensley, Tennessee
Dan Switek, Texas
Kerry Martin, Texas
Meade Anderson, Virginia
Terry Evanson, Wisconsin
Bob Langston, EMS

Outreach Subgroup Report - Terry Evanson, Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin has not hired a fund manager but will be working on that position.

Administrative Subgroup Report – Pete Doorn, North Carolina

  • Website finished & looks great, first phase with closed sites for most accurate information. Data collected for all state lead programs except for South Carolina. Want to disseminate to other states and determine format and next steps.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup Report – Terry Evanson, Wisconsin

  • Update the site profiles, Wisconsin updated theirs and noted the data that most likely didn’t transfer involved the chemical profiles. Terry advised the group to concentrate on entering the site profile information first and then determine if the profiles have been properly updated.
  • Updating sometimes causes issues when being saved with an error message which several states have received and EMS is working on fixing it.

Old Business

  • No Old Business

New Business

  • No new business, John Quander not on call and funding is unknown at this time.
  • Thoughts on future funding from EPA, other programs? Brownfields or CERCLA may be a possibility but may need work researching due to over lapping programmatic issues.
  • SCRD funding, future meeting are unknown at this time.

State Spotlight

  • Alabama only 22 sites but wanted to ask about theft of materials at their cleanup sites. General discussion on this topic but drums and augers has been stolen. How have other states dealt with this issue for reimbursement. Maybe the petroleum programs have policy.
  • Mercaptans – Alabama has issues with a cleanup that involved mercaptans and discussed issue among states.

Final Comments & Wrap Up

  • Next teleconference, May 29, 2014
    • California – Meeting minutes
    • Connecticut - State Spotlight
  • Meeting concluded at approximately 11:35