Conference Call Minutes from May 29, 2014

Meeting 5/2/05



Thursday, May 29, 2014



Bonnie Temple, Alabama

Nathan Casebeer, California

Walter Avramenko, Colorado

Sheila Gleason, Connecticut

Bob Asreen, Delaware

Bill Linn, Florida

Pat Eriksen, Illinois

Joe Dom, Kansas

Scott Huckstep, Missouri

John Doyon, New Jersey

Pete Doorn, North Carolina

Paul Bergstrand, South Carolina

Dan Switek, Texas

Kerry Martin, Texas

Meade Anderson, Virginia

Rob Langston, EMS

Attendance & Opening Remarks – Scott Huckstep

  • Scott thanked everyone for participating in the conference call.

Outreach Subgroup Report

  • No news for the outreach subgroup.  Wisconsin is still looking to fill an open position in their department, which will include the duties of the outreach position.

Administrative Subgroup Report – Pete Doorn, North Carolina   

  • Nothing new to report. 

Project Management/Technical Subgroup Report

  • Bill Linn discussed the need to get new site profile information on the website.  Directions for uploading site profiles were sent out by email a couple of days ago.  It is understood that reimbursement programs may not have the same type of cost information that state lead programs have.  Other categories of information include: how sites were closed, whether they were conditionally closed, closed only for soil and/or groundwater, and remedial technologies used. 
  • Bill mentioned the idea for preparing mini-papers on certain topics for publishing on the website.    

Old Business

  • Nothing to discuss.

New Business

  • SCRD funding.  Discussion on potential funding from the Brownfields or Superfund groups.  It appears that there are some people in EPA that are not even aware of SCRD and the work that has been done. 
  • Future meeting.  It doesn’t look like there will be any meeting this year.
  • Bonnie Temple asked whether other states had been contacted by EDR asking for financial information regarding reimbursements on sites.  Other states indicated they had regular requests for this information which were generally handled through FOIA requests.

State Spotlight Presentation

  • Sheila Gleason of Connecticut presented the state spotlight on the Fusconi Cleaners in Groton, CT. PCE from this site was originally discovered by the Navy in a down gradient landfill monitoring well. Early investigations by the state and then the dry cleaner found PCE at the site but did not connect pollution from the site to the Navy monitoring well.  Limited remediation was conducted and the site work stopped in 2003. Years later, the town wanted to realign a road directly through the Fusconi property and the town received grants to buy the property and complete investigation and remediation.  A significant source was found under the building and groundwater was found to be tidally influenced and could be connected to the Navy monitoring well. The town is proposing to excavate out the soil and see if anything else will be needed for groundwater.  This site is an example of a site that stalled but then got moving again when the motivation and funding became available.

    Download Presentation (PDF) (13pp, 1.7MB)

Final Comments and Wrap Up – Scott Huckstep

  • The next conference call is scheduled for July 24, 2014, 11:00 A.M.-12:30 P.M. CDT. 
  • Wisconsin – Meeting Minutes
  • Virginia – State Spotlight