Conference Call Minutes from June 25, 2015

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Thursday, June 25, 2015


Jim Fish, Alaska
Nathan Casebeer, California
Sheila Gleason, Connecticut
Bob Asreen, Delaware
Bill Linn, Florida
Scott Huckstep, Missouri
Steve Hoke, New Jersey
Peter Doorn, North Carolina
Amy Yersavich, Ohio
Joe Westersund, Oregon
Paul Bergstrand, South Carolina
Kerry Martin, Texas
Dan Switek, Texas
Terry Evanson, Wisconsin
Jennifer Feyerherm, Wisconsin
Kristi Dobra, Wyoming
Keith Arnold, EMS

Attendance & Opening Remarks - Scott Huckstep (MO)
Scott welcomed everyone to the conference call.

Outreach Subgroup Report - Jennifer Feyerherm (WI)
Scott mentioned that Jennifer had sent an email requesting news items and State cleanup numbers for the June 2015 Newsletter. Scott reminded everyone to respond to Jennifer with their State information by Monday, June 29th.

Administrative Subgroup Report - Pete Doorn, (NC)
Pete noted that there had been no recent developments on the dry-cleaning site cost project. It was noted that Bill Linn (Florida) had sent out a summary on closed sites in Florida, which included how they were closed, how long it took to close and how much it cost. There was discussion about the use of the data being collected and how it would be beneficial. Pete stated that he will circulate North Carolina’s cost and closure data, and suggested taking time after the next conference call to discuss the project.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup Report - Terry Evanson (WI)
Terry noted that there was no news from the Technical Subgroup but will work with the Admin Group on the closure cost project.

Old Business
Scott noted that there were no new developments on the potential for an SCRD meeting in the foreseeable future. Scott said that he will follow up again with John Quander and relay back to the group on what he finds out.

New Business
No new business items were brought up by the group.

State Spotlight Presentation
Joe Westersund (Oregon) described a new element of their DCP program that involves fee audits. Almost half of funding for the DCP comes from a fee of 1% of gross revenue from dry-cleaning services. Determining gross revenue from dry-cleaning is up to the dry-cleaners, and since there appears to be a number of outliers in the data, the DCP is undertaking an initiative to audit facilities that report abnormally low levels of dry-cleaning revenue. This is a new initiative, and Joe indicated that it is yet to be determined if it will be a worthwhile exercise. The presentation prompted good discussion about how other states collect fees and taxes, and the difficulty in determining if the fees and taxes are being paid.

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Next Teleconference: Thursday, August 20, 2015, 11:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. CDT