Conference Call Minutes from March 31, 2016

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Alabama - Bonnie Temple
Alaska - Jim Fish
Connecticut - Shelia Gleason
Florida - Bill Linn
Kansas - Joseph Dom, Kevin Moon
North Carolina - Pete Doorn
Oklahoma - Jordan Caldwell
Oregon -Don Hanson
Tennessee - Alison Hensley
Texas - Dan Switek
Virginia - Meade Anderson, Vince Maiden, Brian Campbell, Rob Timmons, & David Grimes
Washington - Steve Teel
Wisconsin - Alyssa Sellwood
Wyoming - Kristi Dobra

Outreach Subgroup

  1. Jennifer from Wisconsin is out. Winter newsletter is out on the web. The summer edition of the newsletter will be coming up soon, so begin thinking about anything you would like to add to it.

Admin Subgroup/ Technical Subgroup

  1. Reminder: We are trying to make headway on the cost of closure project. We would like to put something out but we still need some data. Still need some info from OR, TX, SC. Bill Linn had sent an email out to the contacts for the state lead programs earlier on March 31, 2016 regarding the information they are looking for.
    1. Oregon noted that their current workload and funding doesn’t allow for them to work on this project at this time. OR is currently going through a rule rewrite to hopefully build up their fees. Kansas noted that they haven’t had any changes since 2014 due to budgeting issues.
    2. Texas noted that they are in a similar situation to OR but will look at the info since 2014 to see if there is any additions

Old Business

  1. Any follow-up or thoughts on the insurance archaeology discussions from the last call? No response.

New business

  1. NC is currently working on a tool to locate LUR sites on a website to make it visible to the public. What are other states doing to track the compliance with LUR?
    1. Oregon is also working on a better way of tracking LUC. Oregon is looking into an institutional control fee to help with funding follow up compliance checks. Also interested in exploring the possibilities of EPA grants for this.
    2. Alabama has an environmental covenant that is added to the property and the state of Alabama checks on the conditions, not the Drycleaner program, as part of the state’s legislation.
    3. Washington also does a 5 year review on LUR, similar to Oregon doesn’t put anything on their properties, but do track them through a GIS system and are able to randomly audit the sites for compliance.
    4. Wisconsin also has a GIS tracking system which identifies impacted sites and properties with continuing obligations. Fees are required for cleanups that leave residual contamination. Sites are randomly audited for compliance, with some level of prioritization based on risk.

    Don Hanson (OR) suggested that this subject would make a good topic for the Technical Subgroup to take on for a future publication and offered to craft a survey to share with the SCRD states. Sheila Gleason (CT) and Jim Fish (AK) agreed to help.

  2. Alaska asked if EPA has assigned a new contact for us. Ed Gilbert is our new EPA contact, but no one from EMS has really discussed his role with us.

State Spotlight (Kansas - Joseph Dom)

Kansas spotlighted their work on a city wide plume in Wichita, KS. The entire trust fund was depleted from addressing this one site later identified in 2014 as the Former Four Seasons Drycleaners and the Best Cleaners. The GW plume was identified as approximately 2 miles long. Several residential, commercial, and school properties were impacted. Bottled water and filtration systems were implemented as an emergency measure until impacted properties could be put on the municipal water system. To date, $2.5 million dollars have been spent on this site.

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Next Conference Call

The next SCRD conference call is May 26, 2016.

California is in charge of the minutes and Illinois will be in the state spotlight.