Conference Call Minutes from November 10, 2016

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Thursday, November 10, 2016


Bonnie Temple, Alabama
Nathan Casebeer, California
Bill Linn, Florida
Pat Eriksen, Illinois
Kevin Moon, Kansas
Sondra Campbell, Minnesota
Jennifer Hass, Minnesota
Scott Huckstep, Missouri
Peter Doorn, North Carolina
Sheila Abraham, Ohio
Joe Westersund, Oregon
Dan Switek, Texas
Kerry Martin, Texas
Meade Anderson, Virginia
David Grimes, Virginia
Steve Teel, Washington
Jennifer Feyerherm, Wisconsin
Rob Langston, EMS
Greg Gervais, EPA
Cindy Frickle, EPA

Attendance & Opening Remarks - Scott Huckstep (MO)
Scott welcomed everyone to the conference call.

Outreach Subgroup Report - Jennifer Feyerherm (WI)
Jennifer will be sending out an email over the next two weeks to the members asking them to submit their state program numbers and items of interest to include in the next newsletter.

Administrative Subgroup Report - Pete Doorn, (NC)
Peter gave an update; Bill Linn (FL) is compiling site cost & closure data into a spreadsheet and will work with the members of the Admin and Technical subgroups to sort out the data to develop a paper on the results.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup Report - Don Hanson  (OR)
Don was absent and no members of the subgroup had updates to report.

Old Business
There was no old business to report.

New Business
Greg Gervais (EPA) introduced himself to the group and also introduced Cindy Frickle (EPA), who will be the SCRD's point of contact at the EPA.  Greg mentioned that the EPA will be redoubling its efforts to focus on issues where EPA can maximize its funding on specific contaminants, including chlorinated solvents.  This will include restarting the EPA's conversation with coalition to do a better job of leveraging their resources to utilize the information that state programs have to offer.

Greg also talked about the potential of the group having a face to face meeting in conjunction with other EPA meetings such as the Technical Support Program or the Groundwater Forum. He advised that EPA funding for FY17 is still up in the air due to the change in administration so the consideration of a meeting will not be looked at until the budget is finalized.

Greg also mentioned that EPA may be reconstituting the national VI workgroup to focus on implementation issues related to their new VI guidance documents. Rich Kapuscinski is the lead on this and Greg was going to pass on his contact information for those who want to be on the contact list for this group. Jennifer Hass (MN) mentioned that Minnesota has a new State Guidance for VI and Mitigation on their MPCA website.

Scott asked the group about any interest in Dr. Kram and Dr. Hartman giving a webinar to the group on their Automated Continuous VI Monitoring and Response Technology during a future conference call. The group indicated they would like to have their information presented to the group, so Scott will work on setting one up during a future conference call.

Scott mentioned that the Overview of States Administering Dry Cleaner Programs document will need to be updated. He will send the current version out to one member of each member state for updating.

State Spotlight Presentation
Virginia gave a webinar on the Virginia Unified Risk Assessment Model (VURAM), which is a risk assessment tool designed to quantify hazard/risk using several site-specific inputs.  VURAM is the recommended tool for conducting a quantitative risk assessment at RCRA CA, RCRA permitting, Solid Waste, VRP/Brownfield facilities.

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Next Teleconference: Thursday, January 12, 2017