Conference Call Minutes from January 12, 2017

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Thursday, January 12, 2017


Bonnie Temple, Alabama
Jordan Williams, Alabama
Nathan Casebeer, California
Sheila Gleason, Connecticut
Lilia Kieltyka, Connecticut
Don Friday, Connecticut
Bob Asreen, Delaware
Bill Linn, Florida
Jessica Willis, Kansas
Sondra Campbell, Minnesota
Scott Huckstep, Missouri
John Doyon, New Jersey
Peter Doorn, North Carolina
Don Hanson, Oregon
Paul Bergstrand, South Carolina
Allison Hensley, Tennessee
Charles Rowan, Tennessee
Kerry Martin, Texas
Rob Timmins, Virginia
David Grimes, Virginia
Steve Teel, Washington
Jennifer Feyerherm, Wisconsin
Alyssa Sellwood, Wisconsin
Rob Langston, EMS
Cindy Frickle, EPA

Attendance & Opening Remarks - Scott Huckstep (MO)
Scott took roll and welcomed everyone to the conference call.

Outreach Subgroup Report - Jennifer Feyerherm (WI)
Jennifer reported that submissions for the newsletter have been compiled along with news from EPA and an article from Bill Linn.  The newsletter is available on the SCRD website at:

Administrative Subgroup Report - Pete Doorn, (NC)
Pete has been working with Bill Linn (FL) and others to compile site cost & closure data into a spreadsheet and will work with the members of the Admin and Technical subgroups to update the net cost of the projects in 2017 dollars and the subgroup will prepare a paper with the results.

Project Management/Technical Subgroup Report - Don Hanson  (OR)
Don reported that the technical subgroup report out is covered by Pete's report.

Old Business
Scott requested that states provide their updates to the Overview of States Administering Dry Cleaner Programs document.

Dr. Kram and Dr. Hartman will be giving a GotoMeeting webinar to the group on their Automated Continuous VI Monitoring and Response Technology during the March 9, 2017 conference call.

New Business
Don (OR) reported that he is currently serving as an interim manager and Joe Westersund (OR) has taken another position so Oregon is currently without a coordinator. Don expressed that he is working to identify someone to replace Joe and determine how and in what capacity Oregon will participate with SCRD in the future.

Scott (MO) reported that Missouri's program is facing a sunset of their program unless the legislature takes action.  The Missouri program was extended for five years in 2012 but there appears to be little interest from stakeholders. Sites would likely be referred to a voluntary program or the Superfund program if the program sunsets.

State Spotlight Presentation
Lilia Kieltyka and Don Friday provided an overview of the Connecticut program, the funding mechanism and site eligibility.  Due to the ongoing issue of high demand for the program and low receipts, two groups developed within the industry to serve as watch-dogs of the program.  This resulted in programmatic changes to improve the wait period and program transparency.  The Department of Revenue undertook an initiative in 2014 which identified facilities which were failing to register with the program and resulted in a significant increase in the comparative report revenues.

Download Presentation (PDF) (6pp, 277KB)
Download Dry Cleaning Establishment Program - Budget Line Items (PDF) (1pg, 38KB)
Download Dry Cleaning Establishment Program - Eligible vs Ineligible Expenses (PDF) (1pg, 40KB)

Next Teleconference: Thursday, March 9, 2017